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Top Teen Artists that You Need to Know


Sweet Chaos was recently in Los Angeles and performed at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset Strip. The Whisky A Go-Go has played host to rock ‘n’ roll’s most important bands, from the Doors, Janis Joplin, and Led Zeppelin to today’s up and coming new artists. It was so amazing and we hope to get back to LA soon!


With the sound and talent of a four-piece band twice their age Sweet Chaos is a tour de force that grabs you and keeps you on edge for the duration of their show. Whether opening or headlining the buzz is always the same, they are the talk of the night. Seasoned musicians are often left with their jaws on the floor even joking of 'giving up' after seeing such incredibly talented young musicians. If anyone worries about the future of rock music all they need to do is tune in and be rest assured, the future of rock is in good hands. From covering Mothership and Motorhead to their own hard-hitting originals there's little this dynamite duo can't accomplish. Their energy and love of the music only fuels the excitement of what is to come for these amazing, talented and strong musicians.”

— Bradley Amos, Deep Dallas Radio


Sweet Chaos at SpringBoard Music Festival in Houston June 2018. We had an amazing time meeting so many industry greats, playing with some amazing bands and musicians and look forward to working on some new projects coming soon!!

Sweet Chaos with Peggy Iafrate from Strega Entertainment Group and Kevin Jonas Sr

Sweet Chaos with Peggy Iafrate from Strega Entertainment Group and Kevin Jonas Sr

Sweet Chaos with Barry Coffing of SpringBoard Music Festvial

Sweet Chaos with Barry Coffing of SpringBoard Music Festvial


When I learned of a female band consisting of two women and using only three instruments, bass, drums and voice, I had to know what they were up too. Knowing great music, you have to realize this would take the bass/vocal talent of Les Claypool or Geddy Lee combined with the drumming abilities of a John Bonham combined with some Stuart Copeland and Phil Collins DNA to pull it off well. Imagine my pleasant surprise when hearing Sweet Chaos hit the first notes, my jaw drop and realize, they had all of this talent and more! These two brilliant musicians are spot on! The two are locked together in timing and feel, achieving a level of rhythmic connection it takes seasoned musicians years if not a lifetime to find. There's a secret sauce here that is simmering and will soon boil over as Sweet Chaos continue to grow both musically as well as their fan base. Don't miss out on any opportunity to see their high energy performances!”

— Scott Saldinger, 8 x 10 By Scott Photography


Sweet Chaos was recently in the studio with Matt Aslanian @Aslan Audio recording their newest single. Stay tuned for the release date!


Welcome to the Ernie Ball Artist roster, SWEET CHAOS!


Anytime a new all-girl rock band comes down the pike, comparisons to The Runaways are always made. However, this Texas-based teenage trio is worthy of that comparison. Recorded at Pleasantry Lane Studios (Sweet Chaos debut EP) in Dallas, all four songs were written and performed by Sweet Chaos. Be sure, I didn't connect with this record because of the band members' ages and (or) gender — that's all irrelevant to me (no pun intended). I connected with this record because it's a solid chunk of lo-fi, Camaro-style, cock rock. And yes, that is a compliment, BTW. ”

Christopher Long is an author, show biz analyst, entertainer, and a rising name in Christian ministry.


It's been an amazing privilege to watch Sweet Chaos redefine all stereotypes of an all girl rock band. I am in complete awe of their talent and musicianship skills. They show focus on and off the stage by also volunteering for the Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Foundation. Sweet Chaos brings unbelievable passion and inspiration to every stage they set foot on.”

— Michelle Graves, Dallas Observer




From the moment they came into Sun, these girls had the quiet confidence,  raw energy and talent of a well seasoned touring band just getting in off the road. Even though they had never been in a recording session before, you would never be able to tell from seeing and hearing them perform. It's a gift not to be ignored and I'm glad they came to Memphis to share some of it with us.”

— Curry Weber - Sun Studio - Memphis, TN



Check it out! So cool to be included on list of new bands to watch including our friends in Doll Skin! Thanks Christopher Long for the support!

DEJA VU: New Bands Strike a Familiar Chord
By: Christopher Long

DEJA VU: New Bands Strike a Familiar Chord By: Christopher Long

Thank you so much to Christopher Long for the review of our EP! So happy you enjoy our music!! We hope to see you at one of our shows soon! - Sweet Chaos

Christopher Long Record Review

Christopher Long Record Review