Sydney Harte


Endorses Ernie Ball

Brotherhood of the Guitar

MXD Mag 2016 Best Rising Talent with Sweet Chaos award recipient and

2017 Best Rising Talent in Texas Bass Player award recipient

Sydney is an accomplished vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.  She began her musical training at the very young age of 5.  She started with classical piano lessons, but soon incorporated other instruments, and is proficient on piano, guitar and bass.  She is a formally trained vocalist and was a member of the prestigious Children's Chorus of Greater Dallas for 3 years of which she had the honor to be chosen to tour England with the Choir in 2016.  Sydney has had an affiliation with the School of Rock for the last several years as a student and she now teaches with SOR. She was fortunate to be chosen to tour the Central USA in 2016 and the Central and East Coast Tours in 2017 as part of their National Summer Tour.  Although she is classically trained, her true passion is rock and roll.  She has diverse musical influences that include Matt Bellamy, Mike Kerr, Sting, Billy Joel and Taylor Momsen to name a few.